Top Consideration When Hiring Crane Loading Platform for Your Construction Project

Posted on: 16 March 2022

Technology is advancing rapidly, and manufacturers are designing more safe and efficient equipment for use, especially in high-rise construction projects. One popular equipment you'll probably find on modern construction sites is the crane loading platform. It allows contractors to efficiently move heavy construction materials and equipment to different floors on towering structures. Conventional models featured fixed platforms, but today, contemporary types come with fully retractable platforms that offer more safety and practical features. 

When looking to hire your crane loading platforms, keep in mind the following considerations to make an informed choice.

Assess the Features

One of the most important steps when selecting your crane loading platforms is to assess their features. Determine whether it has fixed or retractable capabilities. Furthermore, check the safety features like harnesses and whether they comply with relevant government regulations, including Safe Work Australia.

Learn About Equipment's Installation, Operation and Relocation

Depending on the construction project's scale, contractors might need to know how to install, operate and relocate the crane loading platform. As the project manager, it's vital to consult with all stakeholders involved and decide on the most suitable installation location. Work with hire companies that can also offer operator training as part of the rental package. However, if the company doesn't offer training services, consider hiring trained professionals to operate the equipment. 

Consider Effective Lifting Plans and Requirements

Managing worksite personnel, materials and other resources you'll be lifting demands careful planning. Remember that crane loading platforms often stick out from the structure's edges. In turn, this can be a significant security hazard to workers on-site and other lifting equipment like cranes, scissor lifts and crawlers, etc. As such, consider establishing appropriate equipment or load lifting plans to prevent confusion and potential accidents. 

Consider Budget and Cost-Savings

When analysing your financing options for hiring a crane loading platform, ask yourself if the rental company has flexible and cost-efficient rental terms. These types of equipment are typically expensive to purchase outright. Furthermore, depending on your project, you might find that renting is more viable than purchasing, especially when working on a tight budget. 

Retractable loading platforms are increasingly gaining popularity because of their straightforward installation, encouraging time- and cost-savings. Furthermore, these platform types can move both personnel and heavy loads. 


Therefore, keep in mind these four essential considerations when renting your crane loading platforms. Work with a reputable and affordable rental company when hiring this equipment to reap maximum benefits. 

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