Convincing Reasons to Employ Crushed Rock for Your Residential Walkways

Posted on: 26 March 2021

One thing that not many homeowners think of is the walkways on their property, yet these underrated pathways are crucial for the safety and kerb appeal of your residence. Walkways not only provide you with easy access to the various parts of your property but are also a great way to ensure that people do not trample on your landscaped lawn. Nonetheless, when you start planning for pathway construction on your property, you can be confused by the sheer multitude of materials available to you.

From concrete to asphalt, making a decision can be daunting. But this does not have to be the case when you go with crushed rock. This rustic material offers a range of advantages hard to come by with other supplies. Check out the following convincing reasons why you should employ crushed rock for your residential walkways.

Guaranteed aesthetic value

At the outset, crushed rock may not be your top choice when deliberating on visually pleasing walkway supplies. However, this can be attributed to how people tend to underrate this material. In reality, crushed rock offers high aesthetic value in several ways. To begin with, crushed rock is available in a variety of sizes. Whether you want large stones that will stand out or small rocks that will add uniformity to your pathways, you are assured that you will find a type of crushed rock to meet your preferences.

Secondly, crushed rock is available in a vast array of colours. From bold blues and reds that will add a distinct touch to your backyard to muted hues that will blend in effortlessly with the environment, you will be spoilt for choice. As a bonus, you can use the same colour of crushed rock as garden edging, which may add a sense of cohesiveness to your yard.

Effortless curvature

The second reason why you should consider crushed rock for your residence's walkways over materials such as asphalt or concrete is for the effortless curvature that it provides. Unless you want rigid, straight pathways from one point to another, crushed rock will be a better solution for your needs as you can have your walkways arc in any direction that you want.

For instance, if you have engaged in ornamental landscaping on your property, you likely would want to showcase your efforts to everyone that visits your home. To do this, you can have your walkways curve around the various decorative elements on your property, from statement water features to garden art, helping your guests to take in the entire landscape. For more information, contact a crushed rock supplier.


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