Posi Truck Hire Tips

Posted on: 12 January 2021

Would you want to hire a Posi track? There are several reasons why contractors prefer Posi tracks compared to conventional skid steer loaders and excavators. Posi tracks come with tracks and are ideal when working in offroad conditions, muddy or rocky terrain. Posi tracks are lighter than excavators and skid steer lighters. As such, you do not need specialised transport to take the equipment to and from your site. So, what considerations should you make when hiring a Posi track? Below are some useful tips. 

Choosing Suitable Equipment

One of your concerns when choosing a Posi track is the size of the equipment. Typically, you will need a large Posi track when handling complex excavation works. Check the size of the engine and its output. As a rule, you should not attempt to overwork small engines. Remember to check the lifting capability of the hydraulic components. Assess your site to determine the required attachments. Other than a bucket, you may need rock grapples, smudge bars, rakes and trenchers. 

Hiring a Company

Consider the following when choosing a Posi track hire company: 

  • The hiring company should have positive reviews from previous clients. 
  • Check the company's area of operation. For instance, some companies will work within a specific locality or state.
  • The company should have a friendly customer care department to respond to your queries.
  • Consider companies that offer services such as free transport, repairs and maintenance. 

Inspect the Posi track before taking it to your site. The equipment should be in perfect mechanical condition. For example, the engine should not have leakages or make strange sounds. Besides, the tracks should not have any cracks. If you do not know how to inspect a Posi track, ask the company to provide service and maintenance records. Check the Posi track's ease of operation. For example, power-take-of shafts and power steering make it easy for you to operate the equipment. The Posi track should have comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Determining Wet Versus Dry Hire

Most people are often in a dilemma of whether to choose wet or dry hire. Wet hire is expensive. However, the Posi track will come with an operator and fuel. Most companies will also offer to conduct routine maintenance and service. While dry hire is cheap, you will need to operate the Posi track or hire a licenced operator. Besides, you will be liable if the Posi track develops mechanical problems while at your site. 

When hiring a Posi track, choose suitable equipment, work with a reputable company, and inspect the Posi track. Remember to observe safety at your site. For instance, you should observe the equipment's weight limits. 

To learn more, reach out to a heavy construction equipment provider in your area that offers services like Posi track hire.


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