Construction Equipment Transportation: How to Plan for Float Hire

Posted on: 30 November 2020

If you are planning on transporting heavy construction equipment, you should consider float hire as an option for the haulage. In general, this approach is favourable because of the versatility of the machinery used. These units can be used for handling diverse types of construction machines. Moreover, this transportation method will promote convenience, speed and safety. However, you should note that the efficiency of haulage will depend on your choices. Here are simple tips to help you plan for effective transit of your construction equipment.

Check the Weight

You should know the weight of your construction equipment before float hire. This will help you acquire the right machinery for transporting the load. You should keep in mind that floats have a maximum weight capacity. This limit is established to ensure that there is no overloading and the subsequent occurrence of accidents. Therefore, when planning for the haulage, you should calculate the total weight of all the items that you intend to transport. This information will be valuable when choosing a transportation unit.

Evaluate the Sizing

The size of the construction equipment is also an important factor for choosing a float for transportation. You must ensure that the bulk of your equipment can be accommodated by the haulage machinery. Keep in mind that a high weight capacity does not always translate into a large size. Therefore, both factors must be taken into account during float hire. It is advisable to record the dimensions of your construction equipment and take note of irregularities which could affect handling.

Consider Road Conditions

You should look at the condition of the road on which you plan to transport the construction equipment. This aspect is critical when hauling loads in areas without ideal roads such as rural areas. It is important to make sure that the chosen float for the project can handle the conditions to which it will be exposed. For instance, you might need to ensure that the machinery can move through rough terrain to remote construction sites while supporting your equipment. 

Calculate the Expenses  

Finally, the costs of float hire can be quite significant, so you should inquire about the charges for moving your construction equipment. This is an important aspect for which to plan to eliminate the risk of getting unexpected charges. Ideally, you should check how the base rate for acquiring the haulage units is evaluated. The rate often accounts for the type of machinery and the rental period. Also, ensure that the contract is clear on additional charges like insurance and maintenance. 

For more information reach out to a professional for more information about float hire


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