How To Examine A Mobile Crane Hire Contract

Posted on: 11 August 2020

A common mistake made by people hiring mobile cranes is the failure to examine the company's terms and conditions. Most people will use the internet to identify companies providing mobile crane hire services in their locality. Once they find a suitable crane at an affordable price, they will pay a deposit and ask the company to deliver the crane to their site. In the long run, they may end up disappointed when they incur additional charges. Read this excerpt to learn how to examine the company's terms and conditions.

The Hire Period

When does the hire period begin? Some companies will commence charges once the equipment leaves their premises. Others will start charging when the mobile crane arrives at your site. As such, you could incur unnecessary charges if the company is located several hours away from your site. You should also check when the hire period will end. These terms are often negotiable if you require the crane for an extended period.

Safety Inspection

The company should allow the customer to conduct a mobile crane safety inspection before they sign the hire contract. It prevents you from hiring poorly maintained mobile cranes that might cause accidents at your site. Below are some tips to help you conduct the safety inspection: 

  • The boom should extend to full length. Creaking or squealing sounds indicate faults in the hydraulic system.
  • The crane's tires should have sufficient tread; otherwise, it could slip under load. Check the crane specifications to ensure it can lift the loads that the hiring company indicated.
  • The crane's engine must be in excellent condition. Oil leaks, strange noises, and black exhaust gases are all signs of trouble.
  • The crane hoists should not have any wear. Additionally, the frame should not have any cracks.

The hire company should accept to refund your deposit if the crane is not safe to use.  

Customer Service

Examine the company's customer service policy. Some companies will offer free transport to and from the site. Besides, they will provide an operator and riggers to operate the mobile crane. The company should also agree to conduct repairs that are not caused by the customer's negligence. They should ensure that the crane has adequate insurance coverage.

Pricing Policy

Check the additional charges. For instance, you may or may not be required to pay for transport and crane operation. Some companies will increase the hire charge during peak seasons. Besides, you may be required to lubricate the equipment when it is at your site. For long term hire, ask the company to reduce the daily charge when the crane is idle.

When hiring mobile cranes, examine the hire period, conduct a safety inspection, check the customer service policy and pricing strategy. 

For more information, contact a mobile crane hire service.


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