Mechanical Demolition Methods: The Classic Wrecking Ball vs. The Precise High Reach Arm

Posted on: 29 April 2020

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Demolition is the process of tearing down a building for various reasons, such as eliminating safety threats, avoiding the need for costly repairs and creating space for new development. Different demolition jobs require different approaches to make sure they are done properly. That's why several demolition methods can be used to tackle every job.

Mechanical demolition is a great technique for bringing down buildings. As its name says, it involves using various types of mechanical equipment to do demolition work.

Below is a discussion on two mechanical demolition techniques that can be used to bring down a building.

Wrecking Ball Demolition

Regarded as the ultimate in demolition for many decades, wrecking ball demolition is one of the oldest ways of knocking down a building. It involves crushing through walls by swinging a massive metal ball hanging from a crane. Thus, this demolition method is sometimes referred to as crane and ball demolition.

One of the greatest advantages of a wrecking ball is that it can get the job done quickly. However, it creates a lot of dust and noise, and it requires a well-calculated and controlled swing to do a safe job. Otherwise, the crane may tip over and cause injuries on the job site.

The use of a wrecking ball is well past its heyday, but it still comes in handy when demolition contractors are working on large concrete or stone buildings that require gigantic force to bring down.

High Reach Arm Demolition

A newer alternative to wrecking ball demolition, this method of demolition involves using a long reach excavator that is fitted with the appropriate attachment, such as breakers, shears, and crusher buckets, for tearing down a building.

High reach arm demolition is a suitable choice for taller buildings that can only be brought down safely by working from the top. While this method of demolition may take longer than other methods of demolition, it's minimally invasive and might be the only practical option in applications where higher precision and more delicate knocks are necessary.

With the advent of high reach demolition, the once-ubiquitous wrecking ball has almost become an absolute rarity. However, there are various situations in which the ball's powerful swinging action may still be useful. If you have a job that may require mechanical demolition services, engage a trusted demolition company near you to discuss your job and get your quote.


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