Three steps to a successful delivery

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Moving goods from one location to another may seem like a simple task but when you begin to plan the operation you can discover that there is a lot of things that potential for things to go wrong. You could try simply loading your truck and driving to your destination, but there are a lot of risks attached to that strategy. Some possible problems include:

  • The wrong vehicle for your load
  • A lack of facilities to load or unload your truck at either end of the journey
  • A poorly planned route that is impossible for your vehicle type

Let's review each of these points and see how you can effectively plan and execute the transportation of your goods so that these problems are avoided and everything safely reaches its destination.

The wrong type of vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle for your load is vital. Dog trailers are available in a variety of configurations and not every trailer will be perfect for every type of load. You might be moving heavy equipment, building materials, or perishable goods. Some loads may need refrigeration while others could be best accommodated in a box trailer or flatbed. Picking the wrong trailer could lead to the load being damaged during transit and not reaching their destination in a usable condition. Review the dog trailers which are available and pick the most suitable one for your purposes.

A lack of loading or unloading facilities

In many cases, the most labour intensive stage in any journey is loading the goods on and off your trailer. The longer the loading takes the more it costs your business so having access to the right facilities is crucial to your success. When picking your truck take account of the facilities available at both your depot and your destination. If you aren't sure about the destination then give them a call to find out. It's better to spend a few minutes talking to them than waste hours struggling to unload it. Dog trailers could load from the side or the rear so check which trailer would be the best fit for the available facilities.

A poorly planned route

Dog trailers can be provided in a variety of sizes and not all of them can safely travel all routes. It best to plan out your route in advance rather than leaving it to the drivers' discretion. Without planning, you may find that you end up taking a long detour because your route included a road that was impassible in your truck.  

Settling these three issues will help you have a safe journey with a rapid turnaround at both ends.



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